Timothy Michael Green was born on February 28th, 1974. Originally from Macon, GA, Michael is the middle of 3 sons born to Shirley Green. From a young age, Michael had an adamant desire to excel in all he put his mind and hand to. He understood the core principles of achieving one’s goals; his success depended primarily on his ambition, unwavering persistence and resolve. Driven by his unsurpassed determination to succeed, Michael’s journey began. Michael attended Macon State College where he earned an Associate degree in Science. Upon completion, he went on to earn several more degrees which include his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Public Administration and Law from Walden University, Masters in Special Education from The University of Kansas and his MBA from Georgia College.


Although Michael had been actively involved in sports during his college years, his unfaltering commitment to fitness began after the unfortunate death of his mother in 2016. Seeing his mother in poor health and how that directly attributed to her passing, Michael made a decision to change his lifestyle and therefore transforming himself – utilizing the memory of his mother’s life and her passing as a key motivational factor to “stay the courses”. He then went on to compete in body building competitions. Michael’s first competition was the NGA Atlantic Classic in Sept 2016 where he came in last in men’s open. For some, this would serve as a drawback but for Michael, this was fuel as this would catapult him in the direction to yet another achievement. True to form, Michael set his goals and began to train accordingly. Six weeks later, Michael competed in the SNBF where he won men’s open, thus winning his first men’s physique show as an amateur. Michael would go on to win several more amateur NPC shows before winning his pro card at the North American Championships in August 2019. With this win, Michael became an IFBB Pro.


Michael’s dedication to his goals and consistent hard work are a simple, but loud reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to. Or more eloquently stated in the words of motivational speaker, Eric Thomas “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”